Blessings in Disguise
  • Jul 28, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 58:29 mins

Stories included in this episode: Joel ben Izzy Story 1: A Tale of Curses, Blessings, and Bee Stings Teller: Joel ben Izzy Site: Notes: A tale of wisdom, and accepting circumstances as they are. Dolores Hydock Story 2: Occam’s Razor Teller: Dolores Hydock Site: Notes: Dolores realizes how blessed she after her mother is diagnosed with cancer. Susi Wolf Story 3: The Curious Sparrow Teller: Susi Wolf Site: Notes: A curious sparrow longs to experience winter. Susi Wolf Story 4: Shaboom and the Gangbangers Teller: Susi Wolf Site: Notes: Susi's fun and caring nature lands her in the back alleys of downtown Houston, TX. Donna Washington Story 5: The Blanket and the Bowl Teller: Donna Washington Site: Notes: The wisdom of a young woman ends a family's cycle of abuse. Glenda Bonin Story 6: Matchmaking Goat Teller: Glenda Bonin Site: Notes: A young man meets the love of his life with the help of his pet goat.  Kevin Kling Story 7: Accident Teller: Kevin Kling Site: Notes: Kevin talks about finding hope after a serious motorcycle accident.