The Apron
  • Sep 29, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

Have you worn lots of hand-me-down clothes that maybe didn’t fit you too well? Do you know how to sew? Have you ever had a class assignment that excited you? If so, then you’ll relate to today’s story where Madeline Pots’s sixth-grade class has to learn how to sew aprons - and even though Madeline already knows how to sew, she’s looking forward to the chance to new brand new fabric instead of old scraps for the very first time. We’ll also hear stories from Willy Claflin and Susan Reed. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: "I Hate Music!" by Willy Claflin (12:49) Willy Claflin is known for his love of music and all things silly and creative. That’s part of what makes his story “I Hate Music!” about a time in elementary school when he had to learn the recorder so funny and charming. This anecdote is from a collection of tales called The Wolf Under the Bed. "The Apron" by Madeline Pots (26:38) Madeline Pots grew up listening to stories from her mother, but along with that, Madeline learned how to sew from her mother as well. And it’s Madeline’s excellent sewing skills that get her into a little bit of trouble at school when her class has to learn to sew aprons in the story called, “The Apron.” This story is part of a collection of stories fittingly called “The Apron.” "Athena and Poseidon" by Susan Reed (5:36) Susan Reed is an author, a vocalist, a violinist, and more, but one of our favorite things about Susan Reed is her storytelling ability. You’ll get a taste for her great storytelling ability in the myth of “Athena and Poseidon” where Athena and Poseidon compete to win the favor of the citizens of the newest city in Greece. This myth is from a collection of adventures called Earth Stories. Radio Family Journal: "Singer Sewing Machine" (5:30) What did your parents do that let you know they loved you? That's the question at the heart of this entry into Sam's Radio Family Journal.