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I Didn't Plan to Be a Witch

Eyres on the Road
  • Jan 4, 2020 7:00 am
  • 29:28

We all plan to be good parents, even perfect parents, who always keep our cool and always know what to do. But in reality, we are often discouraged, frustrated, and at a loss. And the problem is that we are comparing our difficult reality with the perfect-looking unreality of other families on Social Media or sitting calmly in Church while we are trying to keep our incorrigible kids quiet. On today's show, the Eyres talk about the virtue of not-comparing and showcase a book Linda wrote called I Didn't Plan to be a Witch--a book that offers no advice or solution but just tells the horror stories of real family situations. Interestingly, it is the book that Linda gets the most comments on--from moms who say that hearing how hard it was for her makes them feel better about themselves.