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Health Insurance, Investigating Politicians, Peak Performance

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Aug 19, 2017 4:00 pm
  • 2:22:21

How did health insurance get so complicated (18:48) J.B. Silvers, PhD, is the John R. Mannix Medical Mutual of Ohio Professor of Health Care Finance and professor of banking and finance at Weatherhead School of Management with a joint appointment in the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Health insurance and how you feel it should be administered has quickly been added to the list of “no, nos” that you should not talk about at work.  Why does something so simple seem so complicated?  J.B. Silvers explains why health insurance is so complicated. The US is terrible at investigating politicians (1:05:31) Mark Tushnet is a professor at Harvard Law. His research includes studies examining (skeptically) the practice of judicial review in the United States and around the world.The investigation into the Trump Campaign and the Russian allegations have followed President Donald Trump his whole Presidency.  He fired the FBI Director… criticized the Special prosecutor and calls the media fake news.  Why does it seem so hard for the U.S government to investigate our top politicians?  Here is a hint: It’s in the Constitution.  Mark Tushnet explains how we investigate politicians and how it can be better. Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game (1:54:23) Brad Stulberg researches, writes, speaks, and coaches on health and the science of human performance. He is co-author of the new book, Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, And Thrive with the New Science of Success. His past experience includes working for the international consulting firm McKinsey and Company and at the White House with the National Economic Council.  Tom Hanks, Michael Phelps, Ellen DeGeneres, and Beyoncé all probably feel an intense pressure to go above and beyond while performing in their areas of expertise. Although we don’t have thousands of fans and paparazzi following every move we make, we also may feel the pressure to perform well, whether it be at school, work, or the gym. Have you ever felt the pressure to perform? In order to reach peak performance, many top performers add something vital to their routines that most people wouldn’t expect—rest. For example, Bernard Lagat, one of the best American runners, always takes a 5-week training break at the end of the year. Brad Stulberg talks with us about how to reach your own peak performance.