Reuniting Immigrant Families, Domino's Pothole Deal, Hangry

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Radio Archive, Episode 842

  • Jun 26, 2018 11:00 pm
  • 1:41:14 mins

Reuniting Immigrant Families Separated at the Border  Guest: Jodi Goodwin, Immigration Attorney, Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association The head of US Customs and Border Protection says his officers have temporarily stopped prosecuting everyone who crosses the border illegally, while authorities figure out how to carry on with the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance policy. Jodi Goodwin is an immigration lawyer based in Harlingen, Texas who has been working with migrant parents to reunite some of the more than 2,000 migrant children currently in US custody with their parents.  Domino's Pizza is Filling Potholes  Guest: Eric Norenberg, City Manager, Milford, Delaware   Around the city of Milford, Delaware, some nasty potholes caused by a rough winter have been fixed by Domino’s Pizza, who is is handing out $5,000 grants to cities in exchange for publicity. Milford City Manager Eric Norenberg shares the particulars of the deal and why he partnered with the pizza company. BYU Is Reuniting Lost Soldiers With Their Families Guest: Jill Crandell, Professor of Family History, BYU; Melanie Torres, Student Researcher, BYU Family History Major   The remains of more than 80,000 American veterans dating back to World War II are lost and still need to be found, identified and returned to their families and the Department of Defense has asked BYU's family history experts for help. BYU genealogy professor Jill Crandell and student researcher Melanie Torres describe their genealogical mission to find the families of lost troops. American Literature Needs Indie Presses  Guest: Nathan McNamara, Literary Reviewer, National Grant Writer for Reach Out and Read, Freelance Writer The average American is spending less and less of their leisure time reading, so publishers want to invest in slam-dunk, cash-cow, mass-appeal books. Literary reviewer Nathan McNamara explains why smaller indie publishers and riskier books are the key to better literature and reader engagement. Why Does Hangry Happen?  Guest: Jennifer MacCormack, PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Go too long without eating and the tiniest thing can set you off – that's called being 'hangry.' Jennifer MacCormack is a psychology researcher at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and she shares her findings on why we get hangry. Photos Get in the Way of Memories Guest: Julia Soares, Graduate Student in Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz “Pictures or it didn’t happen” is the mantra of this social media generation. We document everything from family vacations to what our pet looks like in the morning. But, in a small study out of UC-Santa Cruz, researchers found that when you take a picture of something, you’ll remember fewer details about it than if you put your camera away and just observe it.  Worlds Awaiting: Favorite Books from Childhood Guest: Rachael Wadham, Host of “World’s Awaiting” on BYUradio, Education and Juvenile Collections Librarian, Brigham Young University Rachael Wadham shares a little nostalgia and some favorite novels from when she was a girl (including books by Joan Aiken, Lloyd Alexander, Robin McKinley), as well as some of the psychological research that talks about why the reading we do as children is so powerful.