David Baldacci, Community Volunteering, Audio Books

David Baldacci, Community Volunteering, Audio Books

Worlds Awaiting - Season 4, Episode 12

  • Mar 30, 2019 4:00 pm
  • 57:23 mins
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Writing Habits (3:33) There are certain writing habits that many authors share. Such as writing every day, editing passages, and testing passages. Rachel is joined today with  New York Times best selling author, David Baldacci. He shares with Rachel what makes his writing process unique, and his upcoming projects.  Storytime (18:00) Libraries are known for their storytimes and we are too. Each week at around 15 minutes past the hour, tune in to hear book reviews or live readings of picture books or poetry. Today we have Jacey Bundy, an elementary education student from Brigham Young University reviewing the book “If I Never Forever Endeavor”. Community Volunteering (19:48) In every community there are many opportunities for our children that we might not know about: Aquariums, zoos, museums, and even planetariums. Rachel has James Porter in the studio today. He is the director of the Christa McAuliffe Space Center in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They talk about how volunteers help run the space center, and benefit the local community.  Audio Books (35:31) Sometimes it can be difficult to get kids interested in reading. Whether it be a learning disability or a true hatred of the printed page, often we can help kids by offering audio books. We’re in the studio today talking with Joella Peterson, a librarian at the Provo city library. She talks about what makes up a good audio book, and why people should consider listening to audio books.  Events at the Library (47:29) Today we are around the Librarians' Table with Carolyn and Shaina, librarians from the Provo City Library. Today they discuss with Rachel about events that happen at the library. Some of those events include; showcasing new authors, art performances, and other activities for children.

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