Fake Commutes

Fake Commutes

The Lisa Show

Pandemic Networking and Stable Relationships

Episode: Pandemic Networking and Stable Relationships

  • Feb 16, 2021 1:00 pm
  • 16:03 mins

One of the most dreaded parts of the workday used to be the commute. If there was traffic, you’d be stressed about getting to work late, and stressed about missing your downtime at home with your family. But now, as we come up on almost a year of working from home, things like a commute sound nice. So, to cope with working from home, people have even been creating a fake commute to combat burnout and tap into a sense of normalcy. But is a fake commute an effective solution? And if we aren’t up for getting in the car before and after working from home, what else can we do to stay strong while working from home? Here to answer these questions and more is psychologist, author, and marriage and family therapist Dr. Catherine Athans.