Coping Mechanisms
  • Jul 24, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 58:13 mins

Stories about the different ways that people deal with tragedy, loss, and fear. Storycorps: Sy Saliba and Yvette Saliba (1:11) Sy's wife and Yvette's mother, Pat, stayed optimistic when she was dying of cancer by looking forward to the little things. You can listen to more stories on Storycorps by visiting: Storycorps: Shasti O'Leary-Soudant and Jethro Soudant (4:09) Shasti talks about "the happiest and worst day" of her life. You can listen to more stories from Storycorps by visiting: Facelift by Dolores Hydock (6:32) Dolores learns to cope with aging. Learn more about Dolores Hydock by visiting: Heck No, We Didn't Bury my Mother! (9:50(../../../episode/152a6b6f-e48b-408d-a497-28af09841cf2/the-apple-seed-coping-mechanisms?playhead=590&autoplay=true link)) Lona and her siblings use humor to cope with the death of their mother. Learn more about Lona Bartlett by visiting: Letting the Ashes Go by Fran Yardley (19:01) Fran and her mother and siblings rely on each other in order to literally and metaphorically let go of their father.  Fear by Kevin Kling (36:33) Kevin's friend tries to escape military service by escaping to Canada, an act of fear that Kevin parallels to an experience they had in elementary school with a bully. Learn more about Kevin Kling by visiting: The Little Woman Who Laughed by Stephanie Beneteau (43:52) A little woman laughs at everything that happens to her, whether it's good or bad. Learn more about Stephanie Beneteau by visiting: