Utah Chamber Artists
  • Jun 17, 2014 7:00 am
  • 36:37 mins
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This performance is the last hurrah for the choir before they jet off to Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic on tour. They’ll be gone a little over a week and perform in a different historical church each night.  This isn’t the first time the choir’s packed up and crossed an ocean. They’ve previously toured in England (where they sung at London’s St. Paul Cathedral), in France (where they sung at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris) and in Israel (where they performed with the Israel Chamber Orchestra). They’ve also toured stateside in Utah and Idaho; and California at the invitation of the Crystal Cathedral.  Barlow Bradford founded the ensemble in 1991 and has conducted the choir ever since.  Repertoire: BUCHENBERG Du bist der Herr, unser Gott; LAURIDSEN En Une Seule Fleur; ESENVALDS Evening; BRADFORD All Through the Night; HOGAN The Battle of Jericho; BRAHMS Lullaby  Follow Highway 89 on twitter @byuH89