Saying 'No' to El Chapo

Saying 'No' to El Chapo

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Saying 'No' to El Chapo, Tooth Enamel, Death Penalty

Episode: Saying 'No' to El Chapo, Tooth Enamel, Death Penalty

  • Jan 21, 2016 10:00 pm
  • 22:56 mins

Guest: Gerardo Reyes, Director of Univision’s Investigative Unit  El Chapo Guzman -- notorious leader of the Sinaloa Cartel is back in prison again, awaiting possible extradition to the United States. On the pages of Rolling Stone Magazine, he comes across as an unflinching businessman who is chivalrous toward women and still in touch with his simple roots. El Chapo approved of that characterization by actor Sean Penn, after they met in a jungle hideout last fall. The interview came with a condition that El Chapo be allowed to approve the article before it was published.  Rolling Stone’s managing editor said the conditions were small price to pay for the chance to interview the most powerful drug lord in the world – who hadn’t granted an interview in over a decade. But here’s the thing – El Chapo had offered to be interviewed before. It’s just that nobody was willing to accept his conditions until Sean Penn came along.  In a commentary for the Washington Post this week, Univision investigative reporter Gerardo Reyes describes turning down an interview with El Chapo in 2013.  Read Gerardo Reyes’ op-ed for the Washington Post about why he turned down an interview with El Chapo Guzman

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