Finding More Time, Poetry in Education, Being Unoffendable, First Date Disasters, Reduce Cravings, Worth of a Degree

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  • Mar 11, 2020
  • 1:41:14
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Finding More Time (0:00:00) Do you remember when you were a kid and days seemed to last just a little bit longer? What was really just a 15-minute recess felt like a whole hour of playground adventure. As we get older however, we seem to lose that perception of time. Days feel like seconds. And before you know it a whole year has passed us by, the kids are grown up, and we’re left wondering where all the time has gone. While our perception of time may change as we age, we actually have a lot more control of how long our days feel than we may think. Joining us today is Tania Luna, co-CEO of LifeLabs Learning, to discuss how we can change the way we perceive time in our day. Everyday Rockstar (0:13:10) Lisa and Richie feature this week's Everyday Rockstar. You or someone you know can be featured on the show, too! Send your nominations to Poetry in Education (0:21:17) Our brains seem hardwired to recognize and react to poetry. This is one of the most ancient art forms, and people have been loving and responding to poems for thousands of years. But recently, poetry been evaporating from the standard classroom. How can we still enjoy the benefits of this humanizing art? We’ve invited Kimberly Johnson onto the show to teach us more. She is a poet, literary critic, and professor of Renaissance literature and creative writing at Brigham Young University. Being Unoffendable (0:37:10) Now-a-days people seem to be offended by everything. Sometimes it’s politics. Sometimes it’s stupid stuff that people say on the internet. And with our world becoming more and more connected, it’s inevitable that we’ll run into people who misunderstand us and say things that we might find offensive. So, is there no hope? Are we destined to be in a state of annoyance, perpetually offended forever? Here to talk about how to become “unoffendable” is Michelle McCullough, author of “The HappyIST” and friend of the show who teaches how to find more happiness and success in life. First Date Disasters (0:50:37) “Cyber dating expert” Julie Spira talks with Lisa and Richie about the worst first dates, and explains what we can do to keep those things from happening to us. Reducing Cravings (1:14:34) We all have those days where we crave specific foods, usually they’re the less than healthy treats like chocolate chip cookies or a nice pancake breakfast. These cravings refuse to go away until we satisfy them. And I’ve often wondered if these cravings are our body’s way of telling us what we need or if they’re just a result of bad habits. To find out we invited registered dietitian-nutritionist and friend of the show, Laura Silver. She joins us to help us understand more about our cravings as well as if and how we can reduce them. The Worth of a College Degree (1:30:10) Today, there’s a lot of skepticism surrounding the value of a college degree. With technological advancements and creativity, some are able to find careers without ever pursuing higher education. This makes us wonder if college degrees are as essential to our success as they used to be. In fact, many are looking for reason not to spend 4 years and thousands of dollars on school if they don’t have to. But our next guest says that a college education is critical for competing in today’s economy. Today we’re talking with Scott Pulsipher about the worth of a college degree. Scott is the president of Western Governors University and a member of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board. Show More...