Tiny Wonders of the World
  • Apr 5, 2020 7:00 pm
  • 27:30 mins

Picky Tarrantulas and Pranking Emus Guest: Sy Montgomery, author, “How to be a Good Creature: A Memoir in Thirteen Animals” Naturalist and storyteller Sy Montgomery explains how to hold a pinktoe tarantula. The secret is to makes sure you don't have sweaty palms, since they taste with their feet and find sweat revolting! We also meet some prankster emus, who inspired Montgomery to begin her lifelong work living and working up close with the wonders of the animal kingdom. Scientist Recreates 4,000-Year-Old Egyptian Sourdough Bread Guest: Seamus Blackley, father of the Xbox, physicist Father of the Xbox, tech scientist, and amateur gastroegyptologist, Seamus Blackley has recreated ancient Egyptian sourdough bread using 4,000-year-old yeast extracted, with help from Harvard University, from Egyptian pottery.