• Feb 21, 2014 7:00 pm
  • 54:39 mins

Stories and songs featured in this episode: Charlotte Blake Alston Story 1: Hammers of Steel: the Battle of John Henry Teller: Charlotte Blake Alston Site: Notes: A story of physical strength and endurance, and the dignity of a man against the degredation of the machine age. Christopher Leebrick Story 2: Soldier Jack Teller: Christopher Leebrick Site: Notes: An Appalachian jack tale about cheating death. Ed Stivender Story 3: Br'er Fox Teller: Ed Stivender Site: Notes: Br'er rabbit's wit saves him from being eaten by Br'er Fox. Joel ben Izzy Story 4: Paula Bunyan - A True Story Teller: Joel ben Izzy Site: Notes: A hilarious, gender-bent telling of the classic American story. Tim Lowry Story 5: Pecos Bill Teller: Tim Lowry Site: Notes: The story of Pecos Bill, an American cowboy, who's become an icon of the American Old West. John McCutcheon Song 1: Pretty Boy Floyd Teller: John McCutcheon Site: Notes: This song was written by American song writing legend Woodie Guthrie whose most famous works include the song "This Land is Your Land."