Mistaken Identity
  • Jun 29, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 54:05 mins

Maybe you know someone who reminds people just enough of someone else that they get caught once in awhile in a case of mistaken identity. And today’s episode is for folks like that. It’s full of erroneous suppositions, illogical assumptions, and mistaken identities. Stories included in this episode: Carlos DeLuna by Whitney Snow (5:14) In 2015, Columbia University’s Human Rights Law Review dedicated an entire issue of their quarterly publication to the presentation and analysis of this single case of mistaken identity. You can learn more about this case by visiting: thewrongcarlos.net Mick Finnegan's Mother-in-Law by Laura J. Bobrow (13:39) Mick thinks he sees some ghosts in the graveyard and decides to show them off to his mother-in-law. Learn more about Laura J. Bobrow, a recipient of the Storytelling World Award in 2009, by visiting: www.laurajbobrow.com My Own Self by Milbre Burch (20:37) A fairy comes to play with a boy who's up past his bedtime and he provides her with a false name which comes in handy when he accidentally hurts the fairy. Learn more about Milbre Burch, a Grammy-nominated recording artist, by visiting: www.kindcrone.com How Bill Greenfield Moved In With the Bears by Joseph Bruchac (27:33) Bill has an accident at work and gets covered in pitch and fuzz and looks so different from an average human that every creature has a hard time distinguishing his true form. Learn more about Joseph Bruchac, who draws many of his stories from his Native American ancestry, by visiting: josephbruchac.com Red Riding Hood by Sean K Buvala (36:26) The classic tale of a wolf trying to impersonate a little girl's grandmother. Learn more about Sean K Buvala, who is author of the Storytelling 101! Workbook, by visiting: www.seantells.com I'm Sean Connery by Syd Lieberman (43:24) The great Syd Lieberman shares his own experience about finding a Hollywood leading man that he can identify with and hopefully be identified as. Learn more about the late Syd Lieberman, who was featured at the Glistening Waters Festival in New Zealand, by visiting: www.sydlieberman.com

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