Stories for Children
  • Sep 23, 2013 6:00 pm
  • 58:03 mins

This episode of "Stories for Children" features tellers Willy Claflin, Ed Stivender, Bill Harley, Megan Hicks, The Storycrafters, and Mitch Capel: Willy Claflin Story 1: The Wolf Who Cried Sheep Teller: Willy Claflin Website:   Ed Stivender Story 2: The Rooster With the Magic Stomach Teller: Ed Stivender Website: Bill Harley Story 3: Sillier That You Teller: Bill Harley Website: Teller Story 4: The Shoemaker and the Groundhog Teller: Megan Hicks Website: The Storycrafters Story 5: Little Bread Ridinghood Teller: The Storycrafters Website:   Mitch Capel Story 6: Turn to Gold Teller: Mitch Capel Website: Willy Claflin Story 7: Cinderella and the Three Bears Teller: Willy Claflin Website: