Non-Discrimination, First Impressions, Sibling Fighting

Non-Discrimination, First Impressions, Sibling Fighting

The Matt Townsend Show - Season 4, Episode 66

  • Apr 7, 2015 1:00 pm
  • 2:13:23 mins

Governor Michael O. Leavitt: Non-discrimination vs. Religious Liberty (19:48) Michael O. Leavitt is the founder and Chairman of Leavitt Partners where he helps clients navigate the future as they transition to new and better models of care. In previous roles, Mr. Leavitt served in the Cabinet of President George W. Bush (as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and Secretary of Health and Human Services) and as a three-time elected governor of Utah. Governor Michael Leavitt was instrumental in the forming of Utah Bill SB296 which gives statewide non-discrimination protections to the gay and transgender community, while providing safeguards for religious liberty. More discussion here. First Impressions (1:04:05) Dr Matt Townsend talks about the importance of first impressions and what to do if you make a bad first impression. It is possible to recover from the mistake but it will take time and patience. How to Stop Siblings From Fighting (1:38:50) Heather Johnson M.S., has been an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University for nearly 10 years. She is passionate about teaching students the principles behind successful families and the importance of families spending time together. Heather and Dr.Matt talk about how to deal with siblings who fight and how to create a peaceful loving atmosphere.

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