• Aug 2, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 56:30 mins

Stories about being bugged, ticked, annoyed, irritated, and bugging other people. The Evil Prince & Sleeping Beauty Judith's compelling and riveting stories are "sculpted both from her own observed life and created to augment the missions of educational, historic, and governmental organizations." Those who grew up with siblings running around the house might relate to this story and the need for some peace and quiet. To learn more about Judith Black visit storiesalive.com Ain't No Bugs On Me(../../../episode/104dc526-b8b1-444b-9bee-50f636c8a24a? playhead=1804&autoplay=true) Doug Elliott takes stories out of the backwoods and from the trails to extol the virtues of catfish, groundhogs, bees, and more from nature. To learn more about Doug Elliott visit dougelliott.com Walk Around the Block(../../../episode/104dc526-b8b1-444b-9bee-50f636c8a24a? playhead=2015&autoplay=true) If there's one person who knows how to express both sides of being bugged, its the inimitable Bill Harley. To learn more about Bill Harley visit www.billharley.com Sticks and Stones(../../../episode/104dc526-b8b1-444b-9bee-50f636c8a24a? playhead=2354&autoplay=true) Sticks and stones may break my bones but words... are powerful tools. Storyteller, guitarist, songwriter, poet, teacher, and adventurer knows this lesson very well. To learn more about Ted Fink visit tedfink.com