Sleepy Time
  • Mar 13, 2020 1:00 am
  • 58:05 mins

What are some tactics you've used to try and get your children - or yourself - to go to sleep? Some people count sheep, others tell stories. On today's episode of The Apple Seed you'll hear stories all about sleep from Leeny Del Seamonds, Mark Binder, Judith Black, and Bill Harley. Might we suggest one more tactic for preparing for bedtime? Tuck the kids in and press play on The Apple Seed podcast! On today’s episode, enjoy the following: Radio Family Journal: RFJ Landspeeder VT Daily Mix: Don Shelline discusses “I Never Saw Blue Like That Before” Story Spotlight: “Sr. Coyote y Sr. Zorro” by Leeny Del Seamonds (12:55) Storytime: “A Shaggy Bedtime Story” by Mark Binder (5:03) “Geoffry's Tale - Go to Bed” by Judith Black (13:29) “Why Pillows Sing” by Bill Harley (4:38)