Creepy Crawly
  • Sep 3, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 57:12 mins

Stories and songs about the creepiest and crawliest among us. Stories included in this episode: Susan Klein Story: Willie the Bug-Man Teller:  Susan Klein Site: Notes: A little one sheds a little perspective on how we look at little creatures. Doug Elliott Song: Ain't No Bugs on Me Song:Mosquito Story Teller: Doug Elliott Site: Notes: A story and song about the relationship between humans and bugs. Ms. Sheila Arnold Story: The Story of the Deluge Story: The Worm Story Teller:  Josh Goforth Site: Notes: A story and song illustrating the importance of listening. Diane Ferlatte Story: The Ant & the Dove Teller:  Diane Ferlatte Site: Notes: Great things can happen in small packages. David Song: Mole in the Ground Teller:  David Holt Site: Notes: "Oh, I wish I were a mole in the ground..." Sean Story: Snake Leaves (live) Teller:  Sean K. Buvala Site: Notes: The creepy part of our Creepy Crawly episode. Jay\*\* Story: \*\*Brian\*\*Teller: \*\* Jay O' Callahan\*\* Site: Notes:\*\* width= Story: The Ant & the Crumb Teller:  Charlotte Blake Alston Site: Notes: What can a little ant do? Much more than you'd expect.