Mueller Report, Superintelligent Humans, Avenger’s Endgame

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Radio Archive, Episode 1054

  • Apr 22, 2019 10:00 pm
  • 1:37:46 mins

Mueller Report Guest: Ryan Vogel, Director of the Center for National Security Studies, Utah Valley University What to do with the report is the question Democrats who control the US House are grappling with now. The redacted 448-page report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller has more nuance than many Democrats were probably hoping for. The contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians in 2016 didn’t amount to “collusion” or “conspiracy,” which is the legal term Mueller uses. But the report also does not completely exonerate President Trump of attempting to obstruct the investigation. Superintelligence Still Doesn’t Equate Wisdom Guest: Moran Cerf, Professor of Neuroscience and Business, Northwestern University The worry with robots and artificial intelligence is usually that they’ll replace us at work. But what if they become us, instead? We could one day be walking around with smart chips in our brains that give us superhuman intelligence.  Shining a Light on Tech Algorithms Guest: Christo Wilson, Associate Professor, Director of the BS in Cybersecurity Program, Northeastern University I love it when Netflix, Amazon or Google recommend just the thing I’m looking for -it’s like having an information and entertainment concierge who can read my mind. But does that computerized concierge really have my best interests at heart? The Marvel Cinematic Universe Guest: Frankie Vanaria, PhD Candidate in The Department of American and New England Studies, Boston University Another big Marvel movie is coming this weekend in which the Avengers are out to, well, avenge the deaths of their superhero friends and a whole lot of regular folks. These films are pure popcorn fun for lots of movie goers. But they’re also increasingly sprinkled with political and social commentary. Black Panther had some very overt themes of racial justice and colonial history. Gender equality and female empowerment run through Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. How Local Newspapers Influence Voters Guest: Matthew Hitt, Professor of Political Science, Colorado State University It used to be pretty common in America for voters to split their ticket between candidates of different parties. But over the last twenty years, we’ve grown more and more entrenched in our political identities: Democrats are even more Democrat. Republicans are even more staunchly Republican. One reason may be the local paper on your doorstep. Or rather, missing from your doorstep. When a local newspaper folds, voters in that community get more polarized Revolutionizing the Music Industry with Technology Guest: Tom Mitchell, Associate Professor of Creative Technologies, UWE Bristol If you could create music with your hands, what would it sound like? What you’re hearing is singer-songwriter Imogen Heap piece together a song using gloves. You heard me right –she’s using special gloves to create all of these instrumental sounds along with her voice. Sounds bizarre, but even pop star Ariana Grande has used them in concert.