Presidential Politics, Phantom Dumper, Christmas Was Illegal

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Radio Archive, Episode 446

  • Dec 16, 2016
  • 1:40:03 mins

Presidential Politics Guest: Chris Karpowitz, PhD, Political Science Professor, BYU; Grant Madsen, History Professor, BYU President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration is five weeks away. His cabinet selections are nearly complete. So, it seems a good time hear some thoughts on how Trump’s presidency is shaping up compared to his predecessors.  What You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet Guest: Lawrence Burton, Water Reclamation Manager, City of Orem Someone has been illegally dumping waste into the sewer systems in Orem and it clogs up the waste processor at the sewer plant. It has been costing the city thousands of dollars to clean up the mess and the "phantom dumper" is still at large.  When Christmas Was Illegal Guest: Bruce Forbes, PhD, Chair of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department, Morningside College, author of “America’s Favorite Holidays” Every year we hear the lament: Santa Claus is a commercial invention. Christmas is about Christ. We’ve forgotten the true meaning of the holiday. And there are calls to return to the pure spiritual roots of Christmas.  Except, the true roots of Christmas have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. And once, the holiday was considered so pagan it was banned in America. Anyone caught observing Christmas in any way could be fined five shillings in Massachusetts. That was back in 1659 when the Puritans ruled the roost.  Jerusalem, the Movie Guest: Daniel Ferguson, writer and director of “Jerusalem”; Jodi Magness, PhD, Archaeologist, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill In this season of Hanukkah and Christmas, let's spend a few minutes looking to the root of ongoing contention over the site considered among the very holiest by Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Temple Mount or Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem has historically been the site of devotion but also violence. An IMAX film by National Geographic called "Jerusalem" explores the claim all three faiths have on the holy ground. The film is both grand and intimate in scope, and you can catch it on DVD or stream it on Amazon.