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American Anarchist, Sacred Architecture

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Apr 14, 2017 11:00 pm
  • 1:41:40

American Anarchist Guest: Charlie Siskel, Director, “American Anarchist” When William Powell was an angry 19-year-old, he did something that would dog him the rest of his life. Maybe you, or someone you know, committed a petty crime at that age, or posted something online that still pops up in embarrassing ways. Well, William Powell wrote “The Anarchist Cookbook” – a how-to guide for violent acts, including bomb-making. Powell did very few interviews in the 40 years since “The Anarchist Cookbook” was first published, but in 2015, he agreed to speak with filmmaker Charlie Siskel, whose new documentary is called "American Anarchist." Sacred Architecture Guest: Val Brinkerhoff, Retired Professor of Visual Arts, BYU, Photographer, Author At this holy time of year for Christians and Jews, we wanted to spend some time exploring places of worship. Photographer Val Brinkerhoff has spent decades traveling the world capturing the Buddhist temples of Asia, the great mosques of Islam, the cathedrals of France, the Anasazi ruins of the Southwest. Across space and time and religious and cultural differences, he has found a common language in the structures people build to honor God.