Trump on Defense, Jonny Sun, 10 Years of iPhone

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

  • Aug 23, 2017 11:00 pm
  • 1:40:47

Afghanistan, Trump’s Defense Dept, Navy Collisions Guest: Eric Jensen, Associate Professor of Law, Brigham Young University President Trump outlined a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan this week – a war that he says Americans have grown weary of waging without victory after 16 years. But instead of pulling out of Afghanistan, as he’d promised on the campaign trail, Trump says he now believes it’s better to give the US military and officials on the ground in Afghanistan the resources they need to win, decisively. Humor and Connection in 140 Characters Guest: Jonny Sun, Author, @jomnysun Twitter feed and “Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aleibn Too” Twitter is not a place for feeling good. It’s a place for ranting and sarcasm and bad news. Even comedy has a bite on Twitter, which is maybe why @jonnysun has such a following there. Because he’s none of those things. His profile says he’s “an aliebn confuesed abot humamn lamgauge,” which is evident from his atrocious spelling. His tweets are silly, often punny, a little wistful, a little weird. But never mean. His half a million Twitter followers and ardent fans include Lin Manuel Miranda, Patton Oswalt and Joss Whedon. All three of them have written gushing reviews of a new illustrated book based on Jonny Sun’s Twitter feed. Eclipse Stories Guest: Sam Payne, Host of The Apple Seed, BYUradio Sam Payne's own experience of totality during the total solar eclipse this week. Your Brain on Movies Guest: Moran Cerf, PhD, Professor of Neuroscience and Business, Kellogg School of Management, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Northwestern University Are you a fan of all the trailers you have to watch before your movie starts at the theater? Even if you aren’t, the creators of trailers sure know how to tease. But is there a formula for an effective trailer? Does a good trailer translate into more ticket sales? Wouldn’t Hollywood like to know.  10 Years of the iPhone Guest: Brian Merchant, Tech Journalist, Author of “The One Device, the Secret History of the iPhone” Ten years ago, at the Macworld conference in 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage in his signature black turtle-neck to announce the iPhone. The “revolutionary” feature such as pinch-to-zoom is just one of many new things the iPhone brought into the mainstream. Social media exploded because people could post and share on their smartphones and not be tied to a computer terminal.  It’s probably safe to say that the iPhone changed not only the way we communicate, but the way we see the world.