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Child-Care Fix, Health and Happy Spouses, Perfect Partner

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Oct 26, 2016
  • 02:20:44

To fix America’s child care, let’s look at the past (16:24) Dr. Corey Shdaimah is an associate professor and academic coordinator for the Master of Social Work and Juris Doctor Dual Degree Program at the University Of Maryland School Of Social Work.  Both Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton have issued statements on behalf of their parents regarding new childcare policies for families across America. Federal legislation has not touched this issue in over a decade.  What are the benefits of our current legislation?  Where can we improve? Dr. Corey Shdaimah helps to shed light on this issue. Having a happy spouse could be good for your health (1:01:53)  Dr. Bill Chopik an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Michigan. He is a social-personality psychologist interested in how relationships—and the people in them—change over time and across situations. His research focuses on how factors both inside, such as biological and hormonal, and outside, including social roles and geography, of people influence their approach to social relationships. The old saying is “Happy wife, happy life.” But is there evidence to suggest the actual health benefits to a successful relationship? Dr. Chopik discusses his studies how relationships affect us. Liana Tan - Fear (1:26:24) It’s a spooky time of year where it’s expected for people to be scared of creepy clowns or monsters or haunted houses. But do you have fears of some things that no one would ever expect?  We all have irrational fears in our everyday lives; things that have nothing to do with ghosts or goblins. Today we’re going to explore some of those and our producer, Liana Tan, is going to justify for us some of her very own “irrational fears.”  Revisited Movie Reviews: Psycho (1:45:11) In honor of Halloween we are revisiting scary movies of the past. Today's movie is the Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho Your Perfect Partner Doesn't Need to Be Ideal (1:51:01) Dr. Madeleine Fugere, Professor of Psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University, joins us from Connecticut. In our world today, everyone seems to be searching for the ‘best’ things life has to offer. We grow up dreaming about prince charming or supermodels or stepford wives and wait for the day when someone like that shows up on our doorstep. But there comes a time in life when you realize that no one on earth is as perfect as our ideal imaginary partner. And maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe idealizing our partners could be more damaging to relationships than we realize. Today, Dr. Madeleine Fugere discusses her article, “Why Your Perfect Partner Doesn’t Need to be Ideal.” Show More...

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