Use Your Head
  • Nov 5, 2019 2:00 am
  • 58:29 mins

We've all got a little common sense, right? Sometimes it seems like some people have more than others. Why is that? And where did we get that common sense in the first place? On today's episode of the Apple Seed storyteller, Kirk Waller, answers that very question. You'll also hear other stories about common sense and using your head from Odds Bodkin, Donna Washington, David Holt, and Priscilla Howe. Uncle Cleo – Kirk Waller (7:18) – how we all got our common sense; \*Doesn’t it seem like some people had more of it land on them? The Lion Makers – Odds Bodkin (4:54) – sometimes a little common sense is worth more than all the knowledge in the world Bastianello – Donna Washington (14:40) Attention Kmart Shoppers – David Holt (2:09) Ti Jean and the Donkey’s Egg – Priscilla Howe (3:19) Echoline – Kirk Waller (8:02)