Young Love
  • Feb 13, 2018 7:00 am
  • 56:36 mins

Oh to be young and in love. Forget that Girl by Bill Harley (1:34) Bill is in the sixth grade and has a crush on a girl named Patty. He wants to go steady with her but some things get in the way. Learn more about Bill Harley by visiting: LINK Perfect Match by Dolores Hydock (25:36) Dolores' high school puts on a "computer dance". Each student filled out a questionnaire, and based on their answers, the computer hooked them up with their "perfect match" only things don't work out so well when everyone fills out the questionnaire how they think their crush might fill it out. Learn more about Dolores Hydock by visiting: Some Enchanted Wednesday by Syd Lieberman (41:50) Syd's phases of young love: first for his elementary school teacher, then for a girl and then for baseball, all framed by his love for movie musicals. Learn more about the late Syd Lieberman by visiting:

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