Facebook Effect, Disability Awareness, Workplace Culture

The Matt Townsend Show - Season 1, Episode 709

  • Oct 28, 2015 1:00 pm
  • 2:19:18 mins

The Facebook Effect (14:28) Dr. Paul R. Brewer, professor of communication, political science, and international relations and director of The University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication. Dr. Brewer talks with Dr. Townsend about a study he conducted titled "The Facebook Effect" which looked at how Facebook users see favorable or unfavorable comments about a political candidate and how those comments influence their own views of the politician Peter Weitzel and Dr. LaNae Valentine Disability Awareness Week (58:02) Delta Alpha Pi International Society was founded in 2004 to honor the academic accomplishments of students with disabilities. The BYU chapter of Delta Alpha Pi is holding a Disabilities Awareness Week at BYU. Peter Weitzel, president of the BYU chapter of Delta Alpha Pi joins Dr. LaNae Valentine BYU staff advisor to talk with Dr. Townsend about the goals of Disabilities Awareness Week and how people with disabilities come from all walks of life. Effective ‘rituals’ in Your Workplace Culture (1:45:43) Kirk Weisler is currently the Chief Morale Officer for companies and organizations around the globe and offers coaching, keynote addresses, and workshops for companies of all services and sizes. He also is the author of the well-known and motivating books, “The Dog Poop Initiative,” and “The Cookie Thief.” Kirk talks with Dr. Townsend about creating a workplace culture.