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North Korea, Twittercasts, Bankruptcy, Nuclear Terrorism

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Oct 12, 2016
  • 01:38:12

Should We Be Worried About North Korea? Guest: Gordon Flake, CEO of the Perth USAsia Centre, Member of the International Advisory Board of BYU’s Kennedy Center As Election Day approaches, experts who study North Korea say that the country is likely to do another missile or nuclear test. North Korean officials have a history of inciting tensions around the timing of the US elections. Looking at the status of North Korea as a threat, by some measures, you could say it’s having a good year – with 17 missile and two nuclear tests already under its belt. It’s easy to write off North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong-Un, as despotic, unstable and even crazy. But don’t we have to take those weapons tests seriously? How much of a threat is North Korea to the region – and maybe even to America?  Streaming on Twitter Is Changing Television as We Know It Guest: Amanda Lotz, PhD, Professor of Media Studies at the University of Michigan Cord-cutting is on the rise, thanks to streaming options from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and YouTube. But, live sports and national events like Presidential addresses or debates pose a problem for cord-cutters. There are many people who would drop their cable subscription in a heartbeat, if they had an alternative way to watch live basketball, football, soccer and such. So that’s what makes Twitter’s latest experiment really interesting. Twitter has purchased the rights to stream 10 NFL games this season on its app. Millions have watched sports games that way so far and millions more tuned in for live Twittercasts of the presidential debates.  What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy Guest: Adelaide Maudsley, Lawyer at Kirton McConkie, and Adjunct Professor at the U of U Bankruptcy: Is it a shameful resignation to problems that have spiraled out of control, or is it a strategic move that can get your finances back on track? Unforeseen financial emergencies like medical expenses or job loss may lead people who would never have considered personal bankruptcy to ask themselves “Is it worth it?” Do We Still Need Nuclear Fallout Shelters? Guest: Timothy Jorgenson, PhD, Director of the Health Physics and Radiation Protection Graduate Program and Associate Professor of Radiation Medicine at Georgetown University If you live in a mid-century home, you might have a massive storage space under your house that you use for storage and probably haven't given it a second thought. In the 1960s, dutiful Americans built bomb shelters under their homes to protect themselves from a nuclear blast after President John F. Kennedy recommended it during the Cold War. Nobody builds fallout shelters these days. But, why not? The nuclear weapons are still around, after all. And we know terror groups, like ISIS and Al Qaeda, are eager to get their hands on one. Plus, North Korea’s still a nuclear threat. Supreme Court Preview Guest: John Fee, JD, Professor of Constitutional Law, BYU's J. Reuben Clark Law School The US Supreme Court is back in session after its summer break, during which time the Senate continued to stall appointing a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February. Senate Republicans have vowed not to fill the vacancy until a new president is sworn in, which would mean the Supreme Court will have gone nearly a year without a tie-breaking ninth justice. At the moment, the justices are ideologically split four-to-four. Show More...

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