Fox Tales
  • Aug 2, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 56:24 mins
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Foxes have been appearing in written literature since 4 B.C. with Aesop’s fables, and they continue to perpetuate through the storytelling tradition today. Fox characters often slide around on the scale of good and bad, but no matter where they fall it’s always interesting to hear the plans they concoct, or the plans that are carried out by the other characters in reaction to the fox. Stories included in this episode are: Fox's Bag by Pam Faro (1:59) Fox goes from house to house collecting something bigger to eat, which he stores in his sack, until the final woman he tries to trick manages to dupe him instead. Learn more about Pam Faro by visiting: Henrietta and Fritz by Glenda Bonin (18:44) Fritz the fox tells Henrietta the Hen that it’s an international day of peace so she should come off her perch and come to the ground so they can be friends. Henrietta has her own suspicious about what's really going on that day. Learn more about Glenda Bonin by visiting: 1000 Ideas by Mary Hamilton (24:40) A fox and crane get stuck in a hunter’s hole together. He has 1000 ideas on how to get out of the situation and he laughs at the crane for only having one idea. Learn more about Mary Hamilton by visiting: Rabbit and Fox by Joseph Bruchac (28:32) Fox is hoping for a lovely meal in the middle of the winter, but rabbit keeps taking on new disguises, throwing a wrench in Fox's plan. Learn more about Joseph Bruchac by visiting: Fox and His Tail by Sam Harris (38:21) From Mitch Weiss & Martha Hamilton’s album Stories in My Pocket: Tales Kids Can Tell, Sam Harris tells this story from Nicaragua in which Fox is chased by some dogs; escapes, and asks his body parts what they did for him. Learn more about Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss by visiting: Fox and Horse by Sean K. Buvala (42:57) Horse's owner tells him that he could only keep him under a unique condition that Horse feels he cannot meet. Fox decides to lend his wit to the situation. Learn more about Sean K. Buvala by visiting: Buh Fox Learn Fo' Count by Tim Lowry (47:19) A Gullah tale featuring Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Bear in which Buh Fox learns to count. Learn more about Tim Lowry by visiting:

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