Jambalaya Fourteen
  • Apr 16, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 56:37 mins

Stories included in this episode: Milbre Burch Story 1: Tia Astucia Teller: Milbre Burch Site: http://www.kindcrone.com/? Notes: An old woman traps all the evil in the world in a glass bottle, and a young man makes a deal with the devil to win the hand of a princess. Ed Stivender Story 2: Hamlet Teller: Ed Stivender Site: http://edstivender.com/ Notes: A New Yorker's take on Shakespeare's Hamlet. Priscilla Howe Story 3: Portraits Teller: Priscilla Howe Site: http://www.priscillahowe.com/ Notes: A portrait that hung in Priscilla's childhood home once spoke to her.  Madeline Pots Story 4: Boating With Charlie Teller: Madeline Pots Site: http://www.madelinelpots.com/ Notes: Madeline and her older brother Charlie attempt to drive their family's boat.  Brian Story 5: Ossein and the Isle of Tier Na Nog Teller: Brian "Fox" Ellis Site: http://foxtalesint.com/ Notes: Ossein, a handsome young man, marries a fairy princess and travels to the land of eternal youth. He insists on returning to Ireland though, and when he makes it back he finds that almost 300 years have passed.