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Wastewater COVID-19 Monitoring, Public College Funding, New Mulan Movie

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Sep 9, 2020 8:00 pm
  • 1:44:29

Testing Sewer Water to Detect COVID-19 Before an Outbreak (0:29) Guest: Ian Pepper, Professor of Environmental Science, Director of the Waterand Energy Sustainable Technology Center, University of Arizona The first week students returned to campus at the University of Arizona, officials were able to prevent a possible outbreak of COVID-19 by monitoring the waste flowing out of dormitory sewage pipes. Campuses across the country are doing something similar, and so are many communities. Public Colleges are in Danger of Privatization (17:42) Guest:  Kevin Carey, Vice President for Education Policy, New America Colleges and universities around the country are scrambling to deal with outbreaks of COVID-19 on their campuses. Some have opted to put large swaths of students in quarantine, while others, like James Madison University, have given up and sent everyone home. Many leaders at higher education institutions hoped that opening up–even with the pandemic still going on–would entice more students to come back for fall. Because enrollment is down. And colleges and universities were already in financial crisis. So now what? Forests Migrate—But Very Slowly (34:07) Guest: Zach St. George, Science Writer, Author of “The Journeys of Trees: A Story About Forests, People, and the Future” With summer over, it’s migration season for birds of all sorts. Monarch butterflies are heading to their windier habitats, too, and so are some whales. Did you know that forests also migrate? Did Disney Finally Do Right By ‘Mulan?’ (52:49) Guest: Nancy Wang Yuen, Associate Professor of Sociology, Biola University, Author of "Reel Inequality: Hollywood Actors and Racism" Disney finally released its live-action remake of Mulan after being delayed by the pandemic. In a major departure from tradition, the film is debuting online only through Disney+ with an extra $29.99 fee. It’s also a major departure from the original animated Mulan–there’s no singing and no wise-cracking dragon sidekick. Mulan remains Disney’s only Asian princess. The Darkweb and COVID-19 Products: A Dangerous Combination (1:10:56) Guest: David Maimon, Director, Evidence-Based Cybersecurity Research Group, Georgia State University The pandemic has prompted one wave after another of shortages–toilet paper, hand sanitizer, face masks, canning supplies. Shortages in the market always lead to price gouging. The pandemic has also been a boon for people who sell on shadier marketplaces that traffic in illegal drugs and counterfeit money. Some People May Just Tolerate COVID-19 and Other Diseases Better (1:25:31) Guest: Irah King, Professor of Immunology, McGill University If two people get COVID-19, but one of them gets really sick and the other feels fine the entire time, what’s going on? Could be that some people's immune systems just do a better job fighting the virus. Or it may be that some bodies cope with the symptoms of COVID-19 so well the person doesn't even notice. That’s called “disease tolerance” and it’s different than immunity. It’s also a pretty new idea when it comes to humans and disease.