Youth Storyteller Showcase 2014

The Apple Seed
  • Apr 4, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 58:03

Stories and interviews included in this episode: Andy Offutt Irwin Introduction: NYSS Torch Bearer Ceremony Teller: Andy Offutt Irwin Site: Notes: Along with hosting workshops and performing, Andy Offutt Irwin acted as the master of ceremonies for the Youth Storytelling Showcase at the Timpanogos Storytelling Conference in Provo, UT. You'll hear him introducing the youth tellers throughout the episode.  Sumi Rajalaxmi Srikanth Story 1: The Tiger, The Brahman, and the Jackal Teller: Sumi Rajalaxmi Srikanth Notes: A Brahman will become a tiger's dinner if he can't prove that kindness should never be repaid with cruelty. Noah Huges Story 2: "What it Was, Was Football" by Andy Griffith Teller: Noah Huges Notes: A man becomes confused when he stumbles upon an unusually competitive event. The Apple Seed Story 3: The Mysterious Disappearance of Humpty Stevenson Dumpty Tellers: Jacqueline Rose Davis & Madelyn McCrary Notes: A fractured fairytale told in tandem. The Apple Seed Story 4: The Power of the Baby Elephant's Nose Teller: Marianne Liu Notes: A baby elephant terrorizes the other animals in a forest. Can his friends teach him how to be kind? McKinley Gardner Story 5: Summertime Trouble Teller: McKinley Gardner Notes: McKinley and her little sister get into trouble after sneaking into an abandoned house. Caleb Walker Story 6: Pink Frosted Cookies Teller: Caleb Walker Notes: Caleb shares his thoughts on entering middle school and some of the valuable lessons he's learned there. Caleb Walker Interview 1: Caleb Walker, 2014 NYSS Torch Bearer Notes: Caleb talks to Sam Payne about his experience at the Tim