Fabric Makes History
  • Sep 4, 2020 6:00 pm
  • 52:50 mins

How Fabric Changed History Guest: Kassia St. Clair, author, "The Secret Lives of Color" and "The Golden Thread: How Fabric Changed History" From the wool sails that carried the Vikings across the sea to the multi-layered nylon suits that took men to space, fabric makes history. And behind every choice of fabric is a story. For example, the women who were sewing NASA's spacesuits influenced the decision to bring in Playtex, maker of women's lingerie, to outfit the astronauts.  How the Race to the Moon Gave Us Tang and Space Pens Guest: Charles Pappas, senior writer, Exhibitor Magazine, and author, "One Giant Leap: Iconic and Inspiring Space Race Inventions that Shaped History" The space race not only uncovered some of space’s secrets, it also vastly improved the day-to-day lives of us terrestrials. And it brought us Tang!