Inspiration, Communication, and Literacy

Worlds Awaiting - Season 3, Episode 22

  • Sep 19, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 55:00 mins

Writing Inspiration (3:47) Inspiration can come from many different places. Ann Dee Ellis is an author who takes quite a bit of inspiration from the real world. She’s able to take her own experiences and the experiences of those around her and write them into compelling and beautiful books for young children. Ann Dee Ellis is the author of three young adult titles including This is What I Did, Everything is Fine, and The End or Something Like That. Her middle grade debut, You May Already Be a Winner was released July 2017.  Storytime (15:04) Libraries are known for their storytimes and we are too. Each week at 15 minutes past the hour, tune in to hear book reviews or live readings of picture books or poetry. Today producer Cole Wissinger reads aloud from Kristyn Crow's book Middle Child Blues. Reading & Listening (18:15) Helping our kids to communicate is crucial in helping them to learn. Listening skills can help our children succeed in the classroom, at home, and in life. Today we discuss how reading and literacy can improve children's listening with Mary Bigler. Mary has spent her life promoting literacy and celebrating the joys of teaching. She is an award-winning professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University. She is a past president of the Michigan Reading Association and author of the highly-acclaimed Mary Bigler’s Lessons Learned. The Process of Literacy (34:39) Books can be stepping stones in helping children to explore the world around them and to help them find their own identities. It’s important to remember that literacy is the tool that can open up the world to our children and there are so many parts to it. Today we discuss literacy with professional speaker, author, and university professor Brad Wilcox.

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