Getting the Creeps
  • Jan 29, 2021 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

Do you like the idea of being scared more than you actually like being scared? Then today’s episode might be perfect for you. First off, we have Joel Ben Izzy with his heart-racing but always good-natured story, “How I Got Bill the Chicken”. Next, we’ll listen to “Getting the Creeps”, a story by Tim Lowry about a boy who wants to get the creeps and his many attempts to find them. After that, we’ll enjoy a conversation with a friend, followed by Sarah Malone’s “The King’s Bliss” where a greedy king always wants more things and must learn where lasting joy comes from. But the fun won’t stop there, we’ll get to enjoy “Tend Each Other’s Lives” which is a song about caring for your neighbor. Finally, we’ll wrap things up with a story by David Claunch called, “Three Dolls” that reveals something very true about the nature of storytellers and then the beloved Radio Family Journal. You won’t want to miss a second! On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “How I Got Bill the Chicken” by Joel Ben Izzy on Green Hand (13:21) “Getting the Creeps” by Tim Lowry on Getting the Creeps (12:54) Daily Mix: “Cooking for 40” with Jenna Parker (7:00) “The King’s Bliss” by Sarah Malone on Peace Talks for Kids (8:50) “Tend Each Other’s Lives” by Kate Macleod on The Saga of the Sanpitch (3:43) “Three Dolls” by David Claunch on The Circus of Life (6:01) Radio Family Journal: “House in the Woods” (5:00)