Food, Glorious Food
  • Jan 23, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 55:25 mins

We have a tradition here at the Apple Seed where every time someone joins our team or has to say "farewell", we have lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Provo: El Gallo Giro. We recently said goodbye to our assistant producer, Makena Bauss, and while we were eating we got to talking about some of our favorite dishes and we all agreed that food can leave some strong impressions whether we like it or hate. In this episode the stories are all about food: weird obsessions, phobias, and times that food brought people together or drove them apart. The Little Boy Who Hated Pizza by Mark Binder (4:06) Max doesn’t like food that has flavor so when he and his dad are eating dinner at a friend's house Max finds himself in a bit of a pickle when they serve pizza. Learn more about Mark Binder by visiting: How I Learned to Love Liver by Joel Ben Izzy (9:10) The doctor tells Joel he needs to eat liver because he is iron deficient so his parents try to make him eat it but he won’t. But then, he eats it by mistake. Learn more about Joel Ben Izzy by visiting: A Baker's Dozen by Antoinette Griffin (19:50) Antoinette’s uncle owns a bakery in Brooklyn. One of his customers insists that he sell 13 Christmas cookies for those who order a dozen, just like all the other bakers do. When he refuses to give the customer 13 cookies, his bakery is cursed. Apple Seed Roundtable (29:50) Members of the Apple Seed team discuss some memorable food experiences they've had. Hide the Salami by Bob Reiser (44:05) Bob’s Dad is obsessed with salami. He eats it every night when everyone is asleep, however one night his wife catches him in the act of munching away and decides to finally do something about his salami obsession! Learn more about Bob Reiser by visiting:

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