Spirituality and Literacy

Spirituality and Literacy

Worlds Awaiting - Season 2, Episode 13 , Segment 1

Spirituality and Literacy, Social and Emotional Skills

Episode: Spirituality and Literacy, Social and Emotional Skills

  • Apr 8, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 11:28 mins

Isn’t there more to life than just getting a job, paying the next bill, or filing your taxes? If you as an adult want more out of life than that, young students probably do, too. So why should their learning boil down to passing the next test, learning to fill out a job application or career and vocational training? Our first guest, Brad Wilcox, a professor in the Department of Teacher Education at BYU and a literacy expert, believes in the great benefit for our children of going beyond the basics. We can and should help them develop their emotional and spiritual sides. Wilcox has lived in Utah, Ethiopia, and Chile, serving as an advocate for children and learning wherever he has gone.

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