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Bring the Funny, The Rabbit Effect, Changing Your Mind, Sneaker Heads, More Than Meditation, College Checklists

The Lisa Show
  • Sep 3, 2019
  • 01:40:58
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Bring the Funny (0:00:00) Where would we be without comedy? Some of the worst days can be made better by watching a funny show on Netflix. Well, we are talking to someone whose dedicated her life to this worldof comedy. We have with us Whitney Call, a writer and actor from JK! Studios, which was recently featured on the NBC Show, "Bring the Funny." The Rabbit Effect (0:15:45) Why do medical treatments have such varying effects on different people? Dr. Kelli Harding set out to discover what exactly influences our health that makes people react so differently. She came across one study from 1978 that established a relationship between kindness and heart health in rabbits, and so she coined the phrase “The Rabbit Effect.” Dr. Harding joins us to share what she's found out about the relationship between our mindset, environment, and health, and her new book, "The Rabbit Effect." Changing Your Mind (0:33:51) How many times do we tell ourselves we are going to start eating healthier or exercise every day and then not follow through? We’ve all done it, and we start out with such good intentions and then fall back into old routines... Why is it so hard to change our habits? Dr. Richard Bandler, author of "Thinking on Purpose: A 15-Day Plan to a Smarter Life," is here to tell us how the way we talk to ourselves makes a big difference in achieving our goals. Sneaker Heads (0:50:38) How much did you pay for your most expensive pair of shoes? For some people that number might be around fifty or sixty dollars, maybe a hundred, but for others that number can be anywhere from two hundred to a thousand dollars—and for a pair of shoes the used to only belong at the gym. People who are so dedicated to buying that pair of sneakers that they will camp out all day waiting for stores to open. These people are called, “sneaker heads” and today we’re going to find out why they’re spending so much time and money on a pair of lace up shoes. Here to tell us more is YouTuber and sneaker head Mike Mitchell. More Than Meditation (1:03:36) There’s been a hype around the word “mindfulness” in the news, morning shows, and social media lately–striking up the thought that we all need to be “meditating” on a daily basis. The topic has probably been buzzing around your head too, consistently reminding you that you need to be practicing meditation regularly to be a present, productive human. But is mindfulness more than just meditation? Ganel-Lyn Condie may just have the answers for you. Ganel-Lyn is a friend of the show and motivational speaker with some great insights on what mindfulness really is. College Checklists (1:25:47) As we approach the new school year, college students may be scrambling to organize their checklists. Leaving home for the first time can be daunting and there are so many things to remember-from textbooks to meal plans to buying a printer-that many people forget to prioritize their health. But Dr. Bernadette Melnyk wants to change that. She’s come up with a wellness checklist for incoming college studentsthat ensures young adultstake care of their healthcare needs. Show More...

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