Budget Bytes, Holiday Expectations, Kids and TV, Working for Disney Voice Talent

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 51

  • Nov 26, 2018 4:00 pm
  • 1:41:12 mins

Beth Moncel on her cookbook and website Budget Bytes. Carrie Ann Rhodes on holiday expectations. Anya Kamenetz on why it's okay for kids to watch TV. Ben Hoppe on working for Disney Character Voices. Lisa Valentine Clark with a Post-Thanksgiving rundown promoting holiday mindfulness.  Budget Bytes (00:00) In an effort to avoid ramen noodles for every meal of the day, Beth Moncel, a recent college graduate, began experimenting and tracking her spending—especially when it came to food. She began her blog, Budget Bytes, in an attempt to record her progress and findings. Since then she has gained over 100,000 Instagram followers, a second college degree, published a cookbook, developed a Budget Bytes mobile app, and expanded the Budget Bytes website and team. Holiday Expectations (13:52) Regular presenter Carrie Ann Rhodes joins Lisa to talk about when to put your tree up, how to avoid over-consumption during the holidays, and how to manage holiday expectations. Kids and TV (50:32) You may have heard one of your grandparents say once or twice or fifty times, “When I was a kid, we’d go outside and play! We didn’t have Television to turn our brains to mush!” Anya Kamenetz says that while sometimes parents should send their kids outside to play, it’s also ok to let them stay inside and watch TV, with a few caveats. Anya Kamenetz is the author of The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life, and she is NPR’s lead education blogger. In 2010 the Huffington Post named her a Game Changer in Education. Working for Disney Voice Talent (1:08:28) Ben Hoppe, a Creative Director for Disney Character Voices, joins Lisa to talk about his job working for Disney. In his role, he acts as branding consultant, writer, editor, casting director, and voice director for all established and newly created animated Disney and Pixar characters. The Post-Thanksgiving Rundown (1:28:58) As we return from the holidays, Lisa talks about being more mindful this December, taking the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to stop, pause, and let yourself relax before things get crazy in December.

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