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Reasons to be Cheerful, Change4Love, Helping Friends with Depression, Adventurous Eaters Club, Anti-inflammatory Diet, Exercise with the Cold Weather

The Lisa Show
  • Nov 7, 2019
  • 01:41:10

Reasons to be Cheerful (0:00:00) Does the day-to-day news cycle seem to be a constant stream of depressing stories that leave you sad for half the day? Reading articles can really start to bog you down if you are looking in the wrong places. So where can you go to find the positive influences in the media? This was precisely what David Byrne asked himself. This led him to create a new online editorial called “Reasons to be Cheerful”, where stories are written everyday that provide many “reasons to be cheerful” just as the project’s namesake indicates. We are joined by co-editor of this publication Christine McLaren as she describes her experience working on this project.  Change4Love (0:17:53) Those of us who have experience with hospitals and long-term illness know that there are times it can be a long, hard, and colorless road, especially for young children. Here to show us how we can help brighten their days is Bart Hawkins, founder of the non-profit organization Change4Love, which is providing custom art prints—made by talented special needs artists—to these kids to help them get through. Helping Friends with Depression (0:32:33) Whether we've experienced depression ourselves or not, knowing how to help a friend who is suffering can be intimidating. We want to be supportive without seeming overbearing, and we don't want to say the wrong thing. Joining us is psychologist Dr. Kristin Bianchi to share how we can best help our loved ones with depression.  Adventurous Eaters Club (0:50:35) It’s one of the biggest battles of parenthood--to convince kids to eat anything other than the usual bland diet of chicken nuggets, pizza and mac and cheese. Sometimes it feels like a battle not even worth fighting—but of course we want to instill good eating habits in our kids. So what can we do to get our kids to branch out of their comfort-food zone? Misha Collins and his wife Vicki asked the same question, and it led them to writing The Adventurous Eaters Club, a new cookbook encouraging kids to get excited about eating healthy. Here to tell us more about the new book is Misha Collins of Sci-Fi’s popular TV Show Supernatural and now cookbook author!  Anti-inflammatory Diet (1:06:43) “Anti-inflammatory diet.” This buzz phrase seems to be on everyone’s mind. And you know what that is – at least mostly, but is it just another fad diet? What is it? Should you be eating this way? Laura Silver is a registered dietitian-nutritionist from New York who has a passion for helping people enjoy real, whole foods – without totally compromising on the foods they love. With her unique perspective and extensive research, we thought she’d be the perfect person to talk to about an anti-inflammatory diet. Mini Book Club (1:21:03) Rachel Wadham, of BYU Radio's  World's Awaiting, talks with Lisa about the perfect books for those who are fans of the Harry Potter series. Exercise with the Cold Weather (1:27:36) The cold weather doesn’t have to put our fitness routines on hold. The winter season can provide for some fun and effective opportunities to stay active. Knowing how to stay safe and warm, will help us be able to take advantage of exercising during this time of year. Here to tell us all about being active in the cold weather is Malia Frey. Malia is a certified health coach and personal trainer. Show More...

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