Jambalaya Twenty-Six
  • Sep 24, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 53:16 mins

Stories included in this episode: Kirk Waller Story 1: Echoline Artist: Kirk Waller Site: www.kirkwaller.com Notes: A sassy little girl learns to watch her words. Bruce Walker Story 2: Sundays on Walker's Bend Teller: Bruce Walker Site: www.brucestoryteller.com/ Notes: A nostalgic portrait of a childhood on Walker's Bend. Mary Gavan Story 3: Grandfather, The Horseman Teller: Mary Gavan Site: http://www.marycelticstory.ca/ Notes: A look at grandfather's involvement in the Society of Horseman. Joel ben Izzy Story 4: The Old King and His Daughters Teller: Joel ben Izzy Site: www.storypage.com Notes: A story about the importance of sharing your gifts. Simon Brooks Story 5: Goat from the Hills and Mountains Teller: Simon Brooks Site: www.diamondscree Notes: A girl, a goat, and a garden. Octavia Sexton Story 6: Becky Blaine Teller: Octavia Sexton Site: www.octaviasexton.com/ Note: A story about following good advice when it's given.