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Healthy Eating Out, Latest in Camping Gear, Moving Tips, Child Language Development, Helping Your Child to Read

The Lisa Show
  • Jul 18, 2019
  • 01:40:58

Eating Healthy while Eating Out (0:00:00) Certified dietitian Lauren Harris-Pincus gives advice for staying healthy even when you're not cooking your own food, covering topics like portion control and healthy options at fast food restaurants. Latest and Greatest in Camping Gear (0:16:48) Justin Farrell, outdoor enthusiast and veteran backcountry guide, discusses what you need in order to sleep out under the stars. Moving Tips (0:34:22) Ali Wenzke, author of "The Art of Happy Moving," explains the secrets to making sure that your big move goes as smoothly as possible. Child Language Development (0:50:20) Meredith Rowe, professor of early learning and development at the Harvard Graduate School Education, explains why we use the "baby voice" and what we can do to help accelerate our child's language development. Helping Your Child to Read (1:04:58) Literacy expert Timothy Shanahan returns to the show to talk about how we can help our kids read more in preparation for the upcoming school year. Mini Book Club (1:23:44) Rachel Wadham of BYU Radio's Worlds Awaiting talks about the best books to read from the NYT Best Seller's List. Show More...

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