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How to Finish What You Start, Science of First Impressions, Visiting the Hospital Abroad, Long Distance Relationships, Brushing Teeth as a Habit for Kids, Should I Buy This for my Kid?

The Lisa Show
  • Dec 4, 2019
  • 01:42:56
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How to Finish What You Started (0:00:00) One of the most incredible feelings is coming up with a genius idea for a product or project that you want to create. Your creativity begins to flow, your brain kicks into full speed, and you can’t seem to pull yourself away from working on your passion. And then suddenly, for a lot of us, that motivation begins to slow. Now that you’re reach the finishing touches of your project, you can barely bring yourself to even think about it, let alone finish it. How many of us have been in that same situation? Sometimes, the hardest part about the projects we do is finding the willpower to finish them. So how do we overcome that roadblock in our creativity? Licensed clinical psychologist and former psychology professor Dr. Bill Knaus is on the show to talk with us about how to finish what we started. Science of First Impressions (0:15:10) Do you find that your first impressions of people are almost always right? We’re always taught not to judge other people based off of their appearance, but it’s an easy trap to fall into, especially when we tend to judge correctly! What is it that connects the way we look to our character? Berit Brogaard is with us to explain her research on the powerful link between appearance and personality. Dr. Brogaard is a professor and director of the Brogaard Lab for Multisensory Research at the University of Miami. Visiting the Hospital Abroad (0:33:04) Heaven forbid you are on vacation and you have a severe allergic reaction to your shrimp cocktail, or maybe you badly twist your ankle dancing. What do you do? How do you get the medical attention you need? Dr. Robert Quigley, a surgeon and senior vice president of medical and travel support companies International SOS and MedAire, joins us to teach us what we should do in the case of a medical emergency in another country, as well as what we can do to medically prepare for our vacations abroad.   Long Distance Relationships (0:50:36) Everyone always says that long distance relationships never work, but when life happens, and you and your partner have to be separated—what can you do except try to keep the spark alive? Is there any way to make long-distance relationships work? Here to share with us her thoughts and experiences is Dr. Roni Beth Tower, academic psychologist and author of Miracle at Midlife: A Transatlantic Romance. Brushing Teeth as a Habit for Kids (1:05:08) Cavities. At this point in the year, after Halloween and coming up on Christmas, a lot of our kids will probably be gifted with. . . cavities. We all know we need to help our kids brush their teeth, but it seems like the biggest wrestling match of the year every time we try. So how can we help them get into the habit of brushing without the struggle? Jaime Frand is the Founder of Kangaroo Oral Care, a Registered Nurse and EMT, and a father to four, including six-year old triplets! We’ve invited him onto the show to share some of his knowledge. Should I Buy This for my Kid? (1:21:53) Christmas is only 3 weeks away, so that means that wish lists are being made! All any parent wants is to give their children everything their hearts desire, especially during the holidays. But with kids today asking for such mature or extravagant things, we have to question what we should or should not buy for them. Chris Ferguson is a clinical psychologist and author. He’s going to give us some tips on how we can give our kids the most appropriate gifts this holiday! Show More...

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