False Paradigms
  • Jun 10, 2014
  • 26:53 mins
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Richard and Linda discuss the false paradigms perpetuated by society that inhibit proper parenting. Specifically, the Eyres talk about the dangers of four world views that they believe are not correct: 1\. They are concerned with a "media minority" who masquerade as a majority (immorality, sex, and violence on TV and video games is not the norm, but it is portrayed as if it were, causing parents to think they are out of touch with society)  2\. Materialism, Richard points out, creates an environment where parents work harder to get material things than they do on their own relationships.  3\. Linda believes that recreational sex, instant gratification can lead to hedonism.  She's concerned about the idea that you have to have things right now, such as not waiting marriage before having sex. 4\. They Eyres say they are worried about conditional or situational ethics, which can lead to an attitude of "its okay to do this now because I have a good reason."