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Food Waste, Hope in Palestine, Buses to Showers

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • May 19, 2016 9:00 pm
  • 1:43:37

Eat Ugly to Eliminate Food Waste Guest: Dominika Jarosz, Campaign Manager at Feedback Western countries waste up to half of their food supply – in large part because we want our produce to look perfect. All told, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says the world wastes enough food to feed every person suffering from hunger more than twice over. Hope in Palestine Guest: Zaid Malhees, Senior at BYU studying Genetics and Biotechnology  There is so much conflict in the world today, physically and rhetorically. Zaid Malhees is a young Arab born in East Jerusalem, raised in Ramallah in the Palestinian-controlled West Bank. Growing up he needed a permit to cross into the part of Jerusalem where his aunt lives, where he was born. He felt treated as a second-class citizen. He understands the hate that has driven decades of violence between Palestinians and Israelis.  But he also has hope – and hearing him talk about it is both inspiring and enlightening. Buses to Showers for Homeless Guest: Doneice Sandoval, Founder and CEO of Lava Mae  You know what it feels like when you’ve been on traveling by plane for a really long day or – or out camping for a few days – without access to a shower? And how everything just looks better in the world once you’ve had a chance to get clean?  People who are homeless rarely have that chance. In fact, in San Francisco there are an estimated 3,500 people living on the streets and only seven places that offer showers for the homeless. iRelaunch Helps Workers Return to Careers Guest: Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of iRelaunch  “Beware of the gap.” That was the warning drilled into me during a career skills and resume writing course near the end of college. Employers do not look kindly on an unexplained employment gap on your resume. Which makes getting back into the workforce after time off to take care of family or deal with a health crisis an even bigger challenge than finding your first job out of college.  The solution, according to Carol Fishman Cohen is to do like you did fresh out of college – get an internship – or a returnship as Cohen calls it.   Benefits of Unplugging in Nature Guest: Ruth Ann Atchley, PhD, Professor of Psychology at the University of Kansas The summer season of outdoor excursions and afternoons in the park is just about here. And while many state parks and recreation areas now offer WIFI to keep you connected even when you’re out of cell service, let’s hear a pitch for letting your devices go dark while you’re in nature. There’s evidence to suggest that if you combine the rejuvenating power of the outdoors with a break from the distractions of your phone and tablet, your brain works better.