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Kaepernick and the Constitution, Teaching Cyber Security

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Oct 22, 2016 4:00 pm

Kaepernick and the Constitution Bennett L. Gershman is a tenured Professor of Law at Pace Law School in New York. Gershman courses mainly focus on Constitutional Law, Prosecutorial Ethic, Judicial Ethics, Criminal law and Criminal Procedure. Colin Kaepernick, a NFL football player, has made a lot of noise in his protest against racial inequality.  Kaepernick’s protest, which involves taking a knee during the National Anthem at NFL football games, has sparked a national outcry.  This has not been the first time this debate has created a wave effect in our society. Professor Bennet L. Gershman explains the legal issues around this protest. Listen to this interview here: Entrepreneur's Manifesto Steve Mariotti spent 30 years as a teacher of at-risk youth. He founded the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Mariotti has witnessed first-hand how entrepreneurship education inspires individuals to create pathways out of poverty for themselves. His organization has over 600,000 graduates and programs in ten countries. His book ‘An Entrepreneur’s Manifesto’ surveys the state of entrepreneurship internationally, and undercovers new efforts to encourage entrepreneurship, including the world’s poorest communities.  Listen to this interview here: The Future Teaching of CyberSecurity Dr. Nasir Memon is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU Tandon. His research interests include digital forensics, biometrics, data compression, network security, security, and human behavior.  In 2008, Cyber Security Awareness Week, also called (C-SAW), was founded with goal to draw engineering students into cybersecurity. This 13th Annual Conference, over 20,000 students from around the world will participate in CSAW, and is the largest student ran cybersecurity event in the world.  The cyber security industry will need 1.5 million more workers than will be qualified for jobs by the year 2020.  It is more crucial than ever to educate the next generation of cyber security professionals. Program founder Dr. Memon explains CSAW and the future of cyber security. Listen to this interview here: