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Family Broadway, Life After Loss, Ethical Fashion, Budget Travel, Portion Control

The Lisa Show
  • May 29, 2019 4:00 pm
  • 1:41:10
Best Broadway Shows for Families (00:00) Kids these days grow up on Netflix and smartphones, but theatre provides another source of entertainment and culture. So what’s on Broadway right now to create memories for the family? Mark Robinson writes for theatre websites including Playbill and Broadway Direct, and he’s also written several books on musical theatre, including The Disney Song Encyclopedia. He joins us to share his take on this season's family-friendly shows.  Building Life After Loss (15:59) There are very few things we can be certain of in life, but one of them is that everyone will eventually have to experience the pain of loss. Losing a loved one is never easy, and grieving is a necessary part of healing. But life goes on—so how can we go on after a life-changing loss? Life coach and grief recovery specialist Julie Cluff joins us to share how to build a life after loss.  Travel on a Budget (50:39) Traveling is one of the most appealing adventures out there. At least, until we look at our bank accounts and the bills piling up on our desks. Matthew Kep-ness is a man who quit his desk job to become a full-time world traveler. He runs the award-winning website and travel blog “Nomadic Matt.” He joins us today while in Paris to help us understand the smartest ways to travel on a budget.  Ethical Fashion (1:05:56) Are you a buy-on-a-whim-type person, or a think-about-this- for-3-to-5-business-days-before-purchasing person? When it comes to our clothes, trends and sales often dictate our choices—but to protect our planet, we should really put in more time to consider before we swipe, tap, or dip that credit card. Sustainable fashion writer Kasi Martin runs the blog The Peahen, and she joins us to share some sustainable clothing practices we can use to help both our environment and our wardrobes.  Portion Control (1:23:39) It’s swimsuit season which might mean a lot of us are trying to get into the best physical shape possible. With healthy foods on our mind sometimes it’s easy to overlook one of the most important parts of successful weight loss, portion control! Malia Frey is a certified health coach, personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist. She’s with us this morning to talk about portions size and why it’s something that we should be careful of.