The Entitlement Trap
  • May 30, 2020 10:00 am
  • 28:35 mins
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We used to call this problem "spoiled kids" or "selfish little brats" but today there is a better term to describe what is happening to kids who think they deserve to have everything they want, everything their friends have, and all without any work or effort on their part. The word is "Entitlement" and it is becoming a Trap in our society that catches kids in its clutches and squeezes the motivation and incentive right out of them. On today’s show, the Eyres suggest that chosen, earned Ownership is the antidote to Entitlement and the prerequisite of Responsibility...and they give us some specific ways to organize a Family Economy that will give children ownership of their money and their things and then progress to ownership of their choices, their grades, and their goals.