Girl Power
  • Mar 13, 2018 6:00 am
  • 56:13 mins

March 8 was International Women’s Day and our team can’t get over the stories we heard that day nor the spirit that was demonstrated. All over the world women came together to share ideas and motivations, in hopes of making the world a better place for women and it’s got us thinking about the phrase “Girl Power”. That phrase has its roots in the punk movement, was further popularized by The Spice Girls and has proliferated into many parts of our culture, into many parts of our stories. We wanted to bring you stories today that embody that phrase, stories about girls making a difference in their world. Old Greybeard and Little Ayla by Bill Gordh (1:15) An old king sees everyone's fingers as claws, however when Little Ayla enters his life though she helps him see things in a different light. Learn more about Bill Gordh by visiting: The Wise Little Girl by Odds Bodkin (10:30) Two brothers fight over a horse and the argument gets to the Czar who asks the men some riddles. The poor brother asks his seven year old daughter for help with the answers. Learn more about Odds Bodkin by visiting: Li Chi Slays the Serpent by Beth Horner (34:11) The youngest daughter of a family of 6 daughters volunteers to be a sacrifice to a giant serpent that has been plaguing her town for 9 years. Learn more about Beth Horner by visiting: Don't Look Up by Milbre Burch and Gay Ducey (40:34) A little girl has to go out and work because her mom can’t support her, and she has such a hard time finding work. Along her job hunt she helps some things (an apple tree, cow, and an oven) in a couple of fields before finding employment...for a witch!. Learn more about Milbre Burch by visiting:

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