The Unsung
  • May 14, 2019 1:00 am
  • 58:24 mins

Sometimes, the people who make the biggest influences in our lives are unknown, uncredited, or unexpected. We remember their face and what they did, because of the profound effect they had on us, but we never did catch their name. Or maybe we did know their name, but no one else seemed to. This can also be the case on a larger scale: not every influential movement, moment, or person makes the history books. Joe Hill, a labor activist and union song writer, was one of those people. We’ll listen to a story about him, the songs he inspired, and the message they carried through the ages by John McCutcheon. Then we’ll hear from John McCutcheon himself in an interview about Joe Hill’s unknown influence. Finally, we’ll finish with “In the Face of Evil” from Kate Dudding about the amazing, unnamed people who helped in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing.We'll also hear about Anna Judah, who, together with her husband, Theodore Judah, helped lobby for a railroad route over the Sierra Nevada.